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Mirad Code of Practice

The Institute of Registration Agents & Dealers is an association of leading registration number companies in the United Kingdom.

· The majority of members deal with the general public direct or through another dealer as agent.

o The majority of transactions with the general public are by post, telephone or the internet.

o The methods of trading adopted by members are recognised and appreciated by the public as offering the following advantages:

o The provision of a comprehensive listing with prices.

o The facility to order from home after unhurried consideration and without high pressure salesmanship.

o A clear and written statement of Terms & Conditions, available on request from the dealer.

o A prompt refund of any money paid if the transfer is not completed within 13 weeks.

Code of practice.

1. Members accept an obligation to their customers, the general public and to one

another to adopt methods of selling that are consistent with the interests of consumer

and the public. of the objectives of which is to deal in the transfer of Registration .
2. The code of practice shall be honoured in both letter and spirit. ..
3. Members shall endeavour to keep themselves informed of all transfer legislation and .

relevant codes of practice.


4. Every Member must be a person, whether an individual or a body corporate,

directly or through others exercising rights of ownership in a business one

of the objectives of which is to deal in the transfer of Registration Marks.
5. Applications for Membership shall be sent to the Secretary. The Secretary will

request two references. If these are acceptable, the secretary will

request a joining fee and subscription and grant Probationary Membership.
6. Applications shall then be put before the Membership at the next Annual meeting

at which the applicant must attend.
7. Applications for Full Membership shall be decided by a majority vote.

Where an application is not successful the Probationary period may be extended

for a further year. The Secretary retains the right to make further enquiries

into applications at any time and to report back to the Standing Committee.
8. Probationary Members may not vote at the Annual meeting until they have been

voted Full members.


9. Advertising shall be clear, truthful and accurate and shall not mislead customers by misrepresenting the Registration Mark being offered. All advertising and promotional material produced by members shall comply with the code drawn up by the Advertising Standards Authority and if broadcast with the code of the Independent Broadcasting Authority insofar as they are applicable.

10. All advertisements shall contain the trading name of the member concerned and the name MIRAD and/or the official MIRAD logo. Statements shall be accurate in content and intention and shall not mislead whether by omission or otherwise.

11. The terms & conditions adopted by members shall be so published as to be easily available to all customers.

12. Members shall endeavour to ensure that literature or price lists are not mailed to minors, that mailing lists are kept as accurate and up to date as practicable and the names and addresses of persons who have asked to be deleted are removed without delay.


13. All Registration Marks offered for sale in lists or advertisements shall have a clear indication of the cash price including VAT at which they are offered at the time of printing.

14. When a price reduction is offered, the extent of the reduction shall be made clear.

15. Members who wish to reserve the right to adjust their prices shall make this clear in their lists.

Non-optional extras

16. Customers shall be left in no doubt as to the total cost of any Registration Marks offered. In particular, members shall make it clear whether:

(a) The cost of any number plates is included in the price of any Registration Mark and, if not, what additional cost is involved.

(b) The cost of postage and packing or delivery is included and, if not, what these costs are.

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